If You Haven't Joined KiwiSaver Here is why you should.

The Government will  help with an annual tax credit up to the tune of $521.

So get started and get the money on offer, who knows, any future Government may change the rules.

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KiwiSaver Gets Better
While KiwiSaver seems reasonably compelling recent rule changes make it even more attractive. Now, if you are a contributing employee your employer will also contribute an amount equal to 3% of your salary or wages. This means that if you contribute 3% your employer effectively doubles your contribution each year.

If you can afford to save 3% of your salary, join KiwiSaver now. When you turn 65 it'll seem like the smartest thing you ever did.

KiwiSaver - A Couple of things You Should be Aware Of

There are two fundamental things you should understand about any KiwiSaver scheme you select.

 You cannot get your money out until you reach the age of entitlement to NZ Super currently 65. (There are a few very tightly defined conditions where you can get your money out.)
NO ONE (not even the government) WILL GUARANTEE THE FINAL VALUE OF YOUR SAVINGS. You must manage your own risk.
 You must assume responsibility for the safety and returns from you KiwiSaver savings. We now have over five years performance history for most of the KiwiSaver Schemes and I can help you select one of the better performing schemes that meet your situation and requirements.

Many of the KiwiSaver providers have in the past offered Superannuation savings plans to the general public. Unfortunately many of these Superannuation Plans have had a  poor performance track record. This has been contributed to by unhelpful taxation of these funds and high fee and expense  loadings.

A Smaller Problem - Be sure You can afford it.

Remember you are locked in till you are 65, and nobody will guarantee the returns (or the return of your money) from a KiwiSaver scheme.

Savingworks KiwiSaver Strategy
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